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Phytogenics for aquaculture production

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Day by day, the world population is growing - and with it, the global hunger for fish. Did you know that today 90 percent of fish stocks are fished to their biological limits or overfished? The oceans have reached their natural limits. Hence, another way of producing fish has become popular in the last decades: aquaculture.

Although this relatively young business sector has improved substantially, it faces severe challenges. Enhancing welfare and minimizing the use of antibiotics are the primary concerns of consumers. The industry strives for enhanced growth rates and feed efficiency. Moreover, high survival rates and improved reproductive success are needed to keep profitability as high as possible. 


Phytogenic support for the main challenges in aquaculture

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Phytogenic feed additives can help to improve the situation. Resulting in benefits for animals, consumers, and producers. A wide variety of different phytogenic formulations allows Delacon to offer different solutions that can help support several nutrition-related functionalities: 

  • Improving feed intake is known to support growth and performance parameters, including feed efficiency, coefficient of variation in body weight, and survival rates.
  • Helping enhanced nutrient uptake can support the performance of fish and shrimp.
  • Supporting improved feed efficiency contributes to sustainable and environmentally friendly aquaculture production. 
  • Maintaining resilience by supplementing phytogenic feed additives in aquaculture can help minimize antibiotic use. 

Moreover, sensitive ingredients, such as essential oils, are micro-encapsulated. The microencapsulation technology ensures high stability of volatile bioactive compounds during feed processing.

Performing nature for a performing aquaculture

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The aquaculture industry has been growing fast. Already in 2016, aquaculture production reached similar levels as capture fishery systems. High efficiency and performance turn the industry into one of the most efficient systems to produce animal protein. With their unique functionalities, phytogenics can bring profitability into aquaculture production - and make a valuable contribution to reducing overfishing of the oceans. 


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