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How phytogenics fit the role of an antibiotic alternative

“We have been trialing phytogenics for several years to test efficacy in a commercial environment,” says Greg Mathis, President and Owner, Southern Poultry Research, Inc., Georgia, US.

As you look for new solutions to feeding challenges, you may want to consider a rising star in the feed additives world: phytogenics.

Read what Greg Mathis and his team have learned in their phytogenic research.

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The Aquaculture Research Group focuses on a sustainable aqua development. Are phytogenics the solution?

Ask anyone who works in aquaculture, the industry has a sustainability problem. Citing a FAO’s report, it is one of these fastest-growing sectors, facing the prospect of an inconvenient supply chain bottleneck. A sustainable aquaculture development is of research interest of GIA (Genomics in Aquaculture). Phytogenics now play a key role in one of their projects. 

Several projects are underway between Delacon and the research group. Dr. Daniel Montero and Dr. Silvia Torrecillas share insights.

“Delacon is very good with providing strong technical support. We are always getting consistent good results with phytogenics, that’s the reason why customers are continuously using them.“

Mr. Edgar Rule, President of Agrimate Inc., distributor in the Philippines

Deer breeding at the highest level

Breeding red deer with great success requires not only species-appropriate conditions and good genetics, but above all high-quality feeding. For this purpose, Mr. Kitzmueller relies on a phytogenic feed additive for ruminant. He has added Actifor® Power for years now.

What has changed? Read about the astounding result.

Phytogenics pioneer meets milk pioneer for A2 milk concept

Mr. Reingruber takes a meaningful stance on Austria’s milk market. As A2 milk producer, he came-up with an innovative concept. Food safety and milk quality are topics that matter. With Delacon as partner and phytogenics, he found a sustainable and successful solution to offer high-quality milk products.

Read the pioneer’s story which highly resonates with consumers.