Phytogenic feed additives in poultry production

Fit chicks perform better

Phytogenics - a win-win situation in poultry production

Modern poultry production is a highly sophisticated process. Success depends strongly on skilled management and proper nutrition regimes to optimize feed conversion ratios as well as boost daily weight gain or laying rate. Achieving these production goals while minimizing feed costs is one of the main challenges in poultry production.  

Poultry producers are confronted with a variety of challenges both on and off of the farm, such as the challenge of consumer pressure to enhance animal welfare, while simultaneously striving for increased performance. In the search for performance enhancers that are different than antibiotic growth promoters, phytogenic feed additives are proven to reduce production losses and enhance feed efficiency – even in the highest levels of production, a further optimization of efficiency in poultry production is possible.

Naturally strong for every challenge

The demand for poultry meat and eggs, produced under antibiotic-free conditions with high animal welfare standards is increasing. More and more poultry producers ask questions like: How to enhance egg mass and egg quality of layers naturally? How to improve feed efficiency and growth rates in broilers without antibiotic growth promoters? How to enhance feed intake in birds even under uncomfortable conditions? Or how to produce safe and high-quality meat during challenging situations? Producers have to manage the balancing act of channeling resources in poultry health while keeping the production process profitable.

Address the top concerns in poultry production

Profitability in poultry production requires a high return on investment by reducing production costs and increasing profitability. Feed efficiency plays a key role in the success of every operation. The gains offered by the increase of production performance can be tailored to the respective targets of each producer. Delacon's unique Performizerâ„¢ concept offers a highly developed tool for reducing feed costs while at the same time maintaining performance. Alternatively, phytogenic feed additives can be applied on top to increase animal performance with benefits captured by reduced days of grow out or simply more pounds to market.

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