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The Delacon Hub

Breaking new grounds in phytogenics

In 2020, Delacon entered a new era. An era to explore, collaborate, to learn – more than ever and truly an era for phytogenius minds. That’s why Delacon opened a new chapter in its successful history: the Delacon Hub. It was designed and created by the same people who have been shaping the phytogenic world for over 35 years and  provides a space for all who are dedicated to phytogenics. The Delacon Hub unites office, production site, and in-house laboratory for quality assurance in one place and is one of the largest state-of-the-art manufacturing sites for phytogenics.

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“The Delacon Hub is a destination as well as a starting point, where team members, customers, and partners can clearly see new ways ahead.“

The nature of the Delacon Hub: open-minded, explorative, and collaborative

The phytogenic production site – high quality made in Austria

Botanical ingredients become viable solutions for the future: Delacon invested in a modern production site for meeting the future needs for phytogenics.

Annual production capacity:
tons of phytogenics
Bags per hour:
each 25 kg
Modern in-house laboratory
for integrated quality analysis

Sustainability Efforts: The Delacon Hub is powered without fossil fuels

The overall design of the facility reflects the company’s commitment to sustainable operations: an innovative biofilter system, building insulation, heat recovery, solar panels, and electric car charging stations have been installed. Recently, the facility reached a further major milestone in the company’s sustainability efforts, as a modern biomass-based heating system was commissioned that enables independence from gas suppliers and other fossil fuels.

The power needed to operate the facility is ensured exclusively through self-generated solar energy via photovoltaic panels and energy sourced from Austrian hydropower plants.

“There has never been a more exciting time for new products, new perspectives and new chances.“

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Home of phytogenius minds

Explore the Delacon Hub

We not only built a production facility and a workplace for team members in Austria. The Delacon Hub is the gathering place for a global network of phytogenic experts. Globally, we act in concert to make phytogenic solutions available to all.