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Candidate FAQs Delacon

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Yes. We use discretion and absolute confidentiality in processing your application. Your recruitment documents are only made available by the recruiter to the responsible contact person from the hiring department. In accordance with GDPR regulations, your documents are deleted from our databank 6 months after closing the relevant recruitment process. If you would like to be taken into consideration for future open positions, please send us your consent to be able to keep your data for a longer term (3 years) to jobs@delacon.com.

Yes, our career site is always kept updated and current. The positions shown there are still available.

For sure! We are glad to receive your open application and will check it against available positions for the best match.

We can only refund your interview costs if this has previously been agreed upon in writing.

You can reach out to the responsible contact person via phone or email at any time. The contact person is listed at the end of each job description.

Delacon is an international company that has dedicated itself to making the world a bit greener each and every day. Our sustainable growth rate in revenues is in the double-digit range, and confirms for us that we are on the right path. We provide a stable workplace combined with great development possibilities.

If you like learning from others, like sharing your knowledge, like finding efficient solutions, have a passion for your profession, enjoy taking on new challenges, love working in a multicultural environment, are optimistic and think anything is possible, then we are a “match in nature”. We would be happy to receive your application.

Of course. As an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to equality, regardless of age, gender, or background. Our commitment is to find the best person for the job and to work with our team.

We offer year-long internships in several departments, including the laboratory, research and development, administration, and marketing. It is important that you contact us about an internship at least six months in advance of your desired start date so that we have enough time to field your application and take care of the necessary preparations.

There is a great need for motivated colleagues, especially in the scientific field. Candidates with commercial or technical qualifications are also warmly welcomed at the Delacon team. An updated list of our open positions can be found here:

Through our cooperation with various universities and colleges, it is possible to write your Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral thesis in cooperation with Delacon. Feel free to contact us with your request.

In order to streamline the interview process (a great help to us), we recommend that you submit your application in its entirety at one time. Here, you will find a good overview on how you can successfully become a team member.

Each candidate and each application are unique, so please note that the process can slightly differ with each individual. You will receive an individual confirmation on your application documents within 5 business days of submittal. Since we usually receive many applications and would like to take enough time to study each one, we ask your patience until we can send you the next feedback. We will inform you on the next steps as soon as possible. If your first interview goes well, you will be invited to a second one. This second conversation helps us strengthen our impression of each other and deepen the conversation about the position applied for.

We are continuously updating our processes to be able to quickly inform you of our final decision. We ask for your understanding during this time. Our colleagues are active all around the globe, and their travelling schedules might cause delays in the recruitment process.

Be authentic and convince us with your fantastic personality. Further tips that can support you in preparing for your interview.

Delacon is the leading expert in the field of plant-based feed additives. That designation is very important to us. Therefore, individual support of our colleagues is also important to us. Team leaders regularly meet with each team member to discuss strengths, areas for improvement, and development possibilities. We also use cooperation, respect, and team building events to promote collaboration, build great teams, and communicate company goals - a good reason not to stay away from the regular team building events.

The first feedback you receive is a confirmation of receipt of your application packet in the first 5 business days after submittal. We will inform you on the next steps as soon as possible. Please have patience with us during this process.

A typical workday varies greatly from department to department. Plus, each colleague has their own, individual contribution. Nevertheless, you can get an idea of the typical work done in our various global departments by visiting this link: LINK

Every Engerwitzdorf-based colleague gets a personal workplace and of course the necessary IT equipment (laptop, monitor, etc.). It is also possible to work 1-2 days per week from a home office. For our international team members we are always looking for individual solutions that build a great team and keep all parties satisfied.

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