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Did you know that the infertility issues in breeding herds are mainly related to males, although females may also be responsible for the reproduction performance? Improving males' healthy fertility is the most efficient way to strengthen the production of day-old chicks.

Sperm cells are sensitive to free radicals due to their great content of lipids. This oxidative reaction may impact the morphology and functionality of the spermatozoa. Moreover, the free radicals can interfere with the DNA transported by the sperm cells, reducing the viability and quality of embryos and the offspring.  

Did you know?

Traditionally plant extracts have been used to enhance male fertility for more than 4,000 years. In recent decades, science has proven the positive effect of different botanical substances on supporting healthy male fertility.


Phytogenics: proven efficacy in contribution to poultry reproduction

Scientific literature is robust and consistent because phytogenic compounds can mitigate adverse oxidative effects since those substances can raise the sperm count and functionality and have a positive impact on reproduction.

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Biostrong™ Fertile - Phytogenic solution contributing to the production of day-old chicks

Based on extensive and deep knowledge in the universe of phytogenic compounds and their respective effects on the metabolism of farm animals, Delacon offers a revolutionary natural solution to support the fertility of breeding males.

Biostrong™ Fertile has a unique formulation specially developed to enhance reproductive performance and control oxidative stress in breeding males. Its composition, a comprehensive range of essential oils, flavonoids, and saponins, all obtained from natural sources, supports the normal oxidative resilience of semen and its components and contributes to reproductive hormonal processes.

Biostrong™ Fertile: Benefits

  • Improvement of semen quality in males
  • Increase in testosterone production
  • Increases the % of fertilized eggs
  • Enhancement in fertility and hatchability


Nature that works – proven scientifically

Scientific validations have proven the positive effects of Biostrong™ Fertile in supporting the reproductive parameters of breeding males and females that received semen from males treated with this additive.

Biostrong™ Fertile asserts itself as unique and an effective way of helping to reduce oxidative stress in healthy breeding males, which can support normal testosterone production in these birds, help improve semen quality parameters, and indirectly contribute to the health of the reproductive performance level.

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