Phytogenic feed additives for beef cattle

  • Increases average daily gain
  • Improves carcass yield
  • Enhances feed efficiency
  • Optimizes fattening score
  • Increases dry matter intake

Actifor® Energy enhances animal performance, naturally

One strategy to boost the performance in beef production is to feed high portions of carbohydrates. However, this increases the risk of acidosis. Furthermore, high levels of bypass starch decreases starch digestibility in the small intestine. With ACTIFOR® ENERGY Delacon provides powerful phytogenic feed additives for beef cattle to improve the digestibility of carbohydrates in the digestive tract and to simultaneously improve energy efficiency. 



How does ACTIFOR® ENERGY work?

ACTIFOR® ENERGY improves the production of volatile fatty acids in the rumen of beef cattle, which represent the main sources of metabolic energy. With a salivation stimulation, ACTIFOR® ENERGY increases the buffer production and prevents a steep drop in pH value. Moreover, the phytogenic feed additive enhances the use of digestible bypass starches and fat in the small intestine and thus diminishes energetic losses.


Saponins and natural spices in ACTIFOR® ENERGY positively influence ruminant physiology resulting in improved performance and efficiency. In addition to reducing the risk of acidosis and a drop in digestibility, ACTIFOR® ENERGY is a powerful feed additive to improve feed efficiency, which boosts fattening rates and average daily gain of beef cattle in the finishing period.


Feed additives for beef

Product application

General dosage recommendation:

  • 2-6 g/day in beef cattle depending on weight
  • 0.8-1 g/day in lambs

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