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Poor feed e­fficiency due to multiple energy and protein losses is one of the biggest challenges in ruminant production. Did you know that in dairy cows less than a third of the protein and energy intake is converted into milk, in beef cattle even less than a tenth into meat? In addition to high feed efficiency in dairy cows and beef cattle, it is of utmost importance to maintain healthy digestive and respiratory functions in calves to receive best performance right from the start.

A key strategy to increase the profitability of ruminant production is to positively influence the metabolism of dairy cows and beef cattle via feed intake and to maintain normal calf health. High-quality phytogenic feed additives in ruminant feed are a valuable tool to increase feed intake and nutrient utilization, thus improving feed efficiency while reducing emissions of noxious greenhouse gases. Therefore, not only animals and producers benefit from safe and natural additives in ruminant feed, but phytogenics also have a positive impact on the environment.

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A limiting factor of profitable ruminant production can be seen in the complex digestive system of ruminants: in the rumen a whole microbial ecosystem has evolved, which causes the fermentation of feed before nutrient absorption takes place. As a consequence of this complex digestive system, feed efficiency is relatively low compared to monogastrics. However, to ensure efficient, environmentally friendly and profitable ruminant production, phytogenics in ruminant feed can contribute to cope with main challenges: improving energy efficiency and growth performance in beef cattle, improving milk yield and quality in dairy cows while reducing greenhouse gas emissions or enhancing concentrate intake in calves, thus maintaining natural digestion while supporting development of stable respiratory functions. Find out how phytogenics in ruminant feed can be your solution. 

Phytogenics for ruminant production

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