Phytogenics on the rise –
finding the right solutions


Whether they are called phytogenic feed additives, phytogenics, secondary plant compounds, essential oils or just botanicals – finding the right product is not an easy subject.

Since the ban on antibiotic growth promoters in the EU in 2006, many countries in the world followed. In the United States the sub-therapeutic use of medically important antibiotics for growth performance will no longer be allowed by 2017. Besides this shift, also other market forces, such as increasing consumer demands for safety and antibiotic-free food products or environmental issues, supported the rise of phytogenics.

Due to the high potential, more and more feed additives manufacturers will enter this promising market, and more and more producers and farmers are interested in using this natural solution. However, it is not easy to differentiate high-quality phytogenic feed additives from other plant-based products.


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When selecting high-quality phytogenic feed additives, consider the following points during your decision-making process:


  • Experience matters.

    Be cautious of companies that shallow expertise in developing and testing phytogenic products. 

    Delacon's experience spans three decades. Founded in 1988, Delacon has been the pioneer and global leader in phytogenic feed additives for about 30 years and coined the term 'phytogenics'. 


  • Confirm the research and efficacy.

    Ask for and understand the research behind the product.

    Delacon built its own world-class centre for advanced phytogenic research, the Performing Nature Research Center (PNRC). Moreover, Delacon collaborate with research partners from all over the word to conduct fundamental joint research and global field trials. 


  • Choose true phytogenic products.

    Look for phytogenic feed additives that contain natural, plant-derived extracts with several active substances, rather than single substances produced synthetically.

    Delacon uses true phytogenics for their greater synergistic effects between different active substances. 

  • Ensure viability of active substances. 

    Phytogenic feed additives should unfold their maximum efficacy where it is needed: in the gastro-intestinal tract of the animal.

    Delacon's patented, heat-resistant microencapsulation process protects active substances from processing and storage conditions. 

  •  Work with your expert team. 

    Your veterinarian and nutritionist are key to making sound decisions in your operation.

    Delacon works with you and your team to create customized solutions that meet specific animal nutrition goals.
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