The top natural solution for poultry


Natural boost for best performance
in poultry production


Profitable poultry production means obtaining a high return on investment. Achieving best results in feed conversion ratio as well as daily weight gain or laying rate while keeping feed costs low is the equation perfectly solved by BIOSTRONG®.


Improved feed efficiency reduces production costs and increases profitability. BIOSTRONG® as a highly efficient poultry performance enhancer is designed to deliver best output in poultry production by improving nutrient utilization and thus, leading to improved feed efficiency, increased weight gain and enhanced egg production. At the same time, BIOSTRONG® ensure a safe and sustainable production without residues in meat and eggs. BIOSTRONG® is efficient in laying hens, broilers, turkeys, ducks, quail and in all minor avian species.


BIOSTRONG® fully uses synergistic effects of different groups of active substances. Our phytogenic formulations consist of carefully selected essential oils and plant extracts, which are perfectly aligned to the needs of avian species.


Depending on the production goal, with our unique PERFORMIZER® concept, Delacon provides a sophisticated tool to reduce feeding costs while maintaining performance at the same level. Alternatively, these phytogenic feed additives can be applied on-top to boost animal performance.




ProductAspirationTarget animalMode of ActionAdditional benefits
BIOSTRONG® 510 Profitable poultry production Laying hens, broilers, ducks, turkeys, quail and minor avian species Improved nutrient digestibility
  • Reduction fo feeding costs
  • Reduction of noxious gas emissions
Profitable poultry production
under antibiotic-free conditions
Laying hens, broilers, ducks, turkeys, quail and minor avian species Controlled intestinal microflora
  • Improved gastrointestinal integrity
  • Designed to be used in antibiotic-free production
BIOSTRONG® PROTECT Profitable poultry production under challenge conditions Laying hens, broilers, turkeys Improved feed intake
  • Improved feed intake under challenge conditions

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