Natural boost for best performance
in poultry production

  • Improves feed conversion in poultry
  • Optimizes laying performance
  • Supports intestinal integrity
  • Increases fattening performance
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Naturally increasing the performance of all avian species

BIOSTRONG® 510 is THE phytogenic feed additive for profitable poultry production, with a special focus on improving feed conversion ratio. BIOSTRONG® 510 is effective in all poultry species during the whole production period. Due to its formulation of plant-derived ingredients like essential oils, bitter substances, saponins and pungent substances, BIOSTRONG® 510 has positive impact on both, bird’s physiology and gut integrity.


How does BIOSTRONG® 510 work? 

Improving nutrient utilization and optimizing feed conversion in poultry is the most powerful strategy to boost and profitability in poltry production. Essential oils of BIOSTRONG® 510 act in two ways: On the one hand, specific essential oils enhance the secretion of digestive juices. In synergy with bitter and pungent substances, BIOSTRONG® 510 improves nutrient digestibility. On the other hand, essential oils scavenge reactive oxygen species or increase the expression of endogenous anti-oxidant enzymes and, consequently, reduce oxidative stress in birds. Moreover, the saponins used in BIOSTRONG® 510 help to reduce ammonia formation, thus resulting in a significant reduction of ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions.

BIOSTRONG® 510 uses synergistic effects of selected ingredients to improve feed conversion in poultry and performance of broilers, layers, ducks or turkeys – it reduces your production costs per produced egg or kg of meat.


In 2017, Delacon achieved a registration as a zootechnical feed additive for BIOSTRONG® 510 EC. Our phytogenic feed additive for poultry met highest validation standards approved by European authorities. EFSA and the European Committee confirmed that BIOSTRONG® 510 EC has the potential to verifiably enhance performance of chickens for fattening. Amongst feed additives, the registration as a zootechnical registration is seen as the Scientific Gold Standard as it provides independent, objective scientific evidence of the product’s quality, efficacy and safety.  


Improving feed conversion in poultry

Product application

BIOSTRONG® 510 can be applied either “on-top” in the feed ration or with our PERFORMIZER® concept, applying nutritional matrix values for BIOSTRONG® 510 in least cost formulation in order to directly reduce the overall feed price.


Moreover, Delacon is proud to provide BIOSTRONG® 510 OFC, which is certified according to European organic guidelines. The certification by this independent control authority Austria Bio Garantie gives proof that our phytogenic feed additive meets highest standards of organic farming.


General dosage recommendation:

Min. 150 g/MT (0.3 lb/t) of compound feed during the whole production period

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