Full phytogenic protection under challenge conditions

  • Maintains feed intake particularly under conditions of enhanced challenge 
  • Supports poultry to stay in good condition
  • A highly reliable phytogenic solution for poultry species based on quality and science

Intestinal disorders such as coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis are top concern in poultry production. Global losses, including production losses, disease prevention and treatment costs, run up to more than about 5 billion US$ per year. Moreover, reducing antibiotics use is still one of the top priorities of the food and feed industry. More than ever, alternatives are necessary to prevent diseases, ensure performance and financial returns. But where to start when searching for a holistic approach?

As the gut represents the first line of defense and is the key to optimum poultry efficacy and welfare, it is of utmost importance to keep it healthy and functionable. This is where Phytogenics come into play.



BIOSTRONG® PROTECT was designed to keep birds in optimal condition when enhanced challenge is foreseen. Based on natural, phytogenic compounds, such as saponins and a specifically selected blend of essential oils, the components in BIOSTRONG® PROTECT work in synergy to ensure feed intake and thus profitable poultry production under challenge conditions. Supplementing broiler and turkey diets with BIOSTRONG® PROTECT from the first day of life can help the bird throughout the most critical stages of production – thus it contributes to overall profitability. Our scientific studies have shown an increase in feed intake and overall broiler performance under challenge conditions, while at the same time a reduced number of excreted oocysts per gram (OPG) was observed (van der Klis et al., 2018).

Moreover, BIOSTRONG® PROTECT can be used in coccidiosis vaccination programs or in combination with other feed additives.


Full phytogenic protection under challenge conditions

Product application

For broilers it is recommended to use BIOSTRONG® PROTECT until 3 or 4 weeks of age and to continue with BIOSTRONG® 510 until slaughter.

In turkeys, it is recommended to use BIOSTRONG® PROTECT until 6 to 8 weeks of age and continue with BIOSTRONG® 510 afterwards.


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