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A limiting factor of profitable ruminant production can be seen in the complex digestive system of ruminants: in the rumen a whole microbial ecosystem has evolved, which causes the fermentation of feed before nutrient absorption takes place. As a consequence of this complex digestive system feed efficiency is relatively low compared to monogastrics. 


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Phytogenic additives for ruminant feed

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We all can benefit from phytogenics

Thus, a key strategy to increase cost effectiveness of ruminant production is to positively influence the metabolism of dairy cows and beef cattle via feed intake. High quality phytogenics efficiently contribute to cope with main tasks in ruminant production: increasing milk yield and milk quality in dairy cows, improving energy efficiency in beef cattle, stabilizing the pH-values in the intestinal milieu of ruminants, or improving concentrate intake in calves or regulating their digestive and respiratory functions.


Phytogenic additives for ruminant feed show a broad spectrum of modes of action influencing the physiology of target animals on different levels to boost feed efficiency and simultaneously reduce the emission of noxious greenhouse gases. Therefore, not only animals and producers benefit from safe and natural additives in ruminant feed, but phytogenics also have a positive impact on the environment.

Ruminant feed

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Different products precisely aligned to the specific needs of ruminants


Delacon provides the specific product line ACTIFOR®, aligned to the needs of the ruminant gastro-intestinal system, to enhance protein and energy efficiency in dairy cows as well as in beef cattle and small ruminants. Moreover, within the ACTIFOR® line we developed products, which specially address the challenges in raising young ruminants by positively influencing digestive and respiratory functions of calves. Delacon’s product line ACTIFOR® for ruminant feed is highly powerful in decreasing emissions of ammonia and methane and in stabilizing the rumen pH value.


We carefully developed phytogenic feed additives which provide a tool to cope with diverse challenges in ruminant production. Our products support producers by increasing milk yield and milk quality, by improving weight gain and by supporting gastrointestinal functions and pH values. Depending on the individual target of our customers, producers can decide either to maximise animal performance when adding our products on top of existing rations or to maintain their performance levels while reducing feed cost through our PERFORMIZER®.


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