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State-of-the art swine production faces the main challenge to reconcile both shifting the production performance to highest level while simultaneously guaranteeing animal welfare. It is in the interest of producers as well as consumers to obtain these goals at lowest production costs and with the help of safe and natural solutions.


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Feed additives for swine

Taking on different challenges


Delacon’s phytogenic feed additives for swine supports producers and farmers to cope with big tasks in the business: weaning is a stressful period for piglets – stimulating their appetite and improvement of feed intake is crucial for good performance.Moreover, stabilizing the immature gut is essential to prevent post-weaning challenges. Similarly, boosting feed intake in sows is matter of concern and affects their performance, besides an optimization of feed conversion ratio. Especially for growing-finishing pigs an enhanced nutrient utilization is one key strategy to enhance growth rate. Besides all these challenges, minimizing the environmental impact should be taken into account.

Feed additives for swine

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Two powerful product lines for a common goal:


A profitable swine production

With the product line of FRESTA®, Delacon developed high quality feed additives tailored to the needs of sows and piglets. FRESTA® F, the first phytogenic feed additive obtaining a zootechnical registration in the European Union, improves feed intake of piglets and sows. FRESTA® F Plus is additionally potent in reducing environmental emissions from swine production facilities. FRESTA® PROTECT enhances palatability and feed intake in the post-weaning phase, thus supporting the piglet to stay in good condition.


As part of the product line of AROMEX® for fattening pigs, AROMEX® ME improves the nutrient utilization and thus optimizes feed efficiency. AROMEX® PRO combines the benefits of AROMEX® ME with a reduction of ammonia emissions. Both product lines represent totally safe and natural feed additives for swine production.


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