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Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower


Taking our role as world leader in phytogenics seriously, we put a lot of emphasis in our core competences: research and development.


Innovation is the driving force of our business and an important factor of our success. This is reflected in a substantial annual investment in this field. Our multinational R&D team conducts scientific research within all species of animal nutrition - poultry, swine and ruminants.  


Delacon's research focuses on the following topics:


  • Nutrient digestibility
  • Feed efficiency
  • Reduction of emissions like ammonia and green house gases
  • Preventative effects and health applications


Our main focus in the field of research is to find and to evaluate new botanical compounds and their combinations to exploit their full potential in animal nutrition, such as improving feed conversion, increasing daily weight gain, preventing infections and reducing environmental emissions.

There are four milestones in the history of R&D, which we are proud of:


Extensive global trial data base

With our international research partner institutions and laboratories, which are located in over 20 countries, we conduct various research projects simultaneously and operate an extensive trial data base- reaching from Brazil to South Korea.



In Steyregg, we run our own laboratory for R&D. This enables us to verify the quality of any product or substance- whether for incoming raw materials or for ready mixed products. In addition, we guarantee traceability of our goods during the entire production process- from our reliable suppliers through to our valued customers.


Our fully-owned research center

In 2011, we opened the Performing Nature Research Center (PNRC) in the Czech Republic. This farm is one of the largest company owned, state-of-the-art trial sites in this field and a true milestone. It allows Delacon to guarantee the conduction of safe and accurate studies under controlled conditions for any kind of husbandry species- poultry, swine or ruminants.


Scientific gold standard

Due to our scientifically substantiated research data base, Delacon is the first and up to date, only company to receive two zootechnical registrations by the EU for phytogenic products - Fresta® F for weaned piglets and Biostrong® 510 EC for poultry. This registration is the gold standard for feed additives and proves physiological benefits in animal performance.  


R&D processes can be devided into three major parts:


  • discovery (screening, in-vitro testing, internal in-vivo testing)
  • verification (external in-vivo testing with independent research institutes)
  • demonstration (field trials and customer feeding trials)


Due to our high competence in R&D and based on an exhaustive trial data base ranging around the globe, our products contain verified know-how in standardized form. In combination with our zootechnical registration, this sets us apart from the rest of the market.

phytogenic knowhow with strict quality measures for hights level of performence in reseach and development
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