Company Profile

For more than 30 years, Delacon is dedicated to its vision to unlock the plant universe for better lives. Serving this purpose, the company manufactures plant-derived solutions for the poultry, swine, ruminant and aquaculture industry. Using the power of nature, the aim is to provide highly effective and safe solutions to maximize feed efficiency. Today, they are known worldwide under the term “phytogenics”, and Delacon is recognized as the globally leading expert in this field. 

The company’s phytogenic expertise is visible in its understanding of the phytogenic universe, the education about phytogenics as well as the provided solutions. Delacon defines phytogenics as standardized, specific, and science-based combinations of bioactive compounds found in plants. The company not only pays attention to the specific situation of different species, but also takes the lifetime and challenges of a single species into consideration.  

Making a difference by understanding nature’s vast potential â€¦ 

Since the beginning, the foundation of Delacon’s innovative strength has been extensive research. The company trusts its internal resources, including highly educated experts and the own Performing Nature Research Center. It is especially known for the emission section. Its hermetically sealed chambers allow a precise analysis of the influence on phytogenic feed additives on the production of ammonia and greenhouse gases. In addition, Delacon is collaborating with scientists and experts at independent institutes and universities all around the globe.  

… and stakeholder needs 

Besides focusing on extensive research, the company is also connecting and collaborating with stakeholders along the feed to food chain. The main aim of these fruitful exchanges is to understand the needs and challenges. â€œPhytogenics are one of the most promising groups of feed additives. Our customers need solutions that not only work but also resonate with consumers. They are searching for healthy and natural products”, says Markus Dedl, CEO of Delacon. “We are proud that our phytogenic solutions have proven efficacy as well as a sustainable impact on animals, people, and the environment.”  

Growing together to impact lives  

Delacon has a team of over 140 people in 25 countries worldwide, 70 of them work mainly at the Delacon Hub in Engerwitzdorf, Austria. The Delacon Hub was completed in 2020 and unites production, laboratory and office building in one place.  

The idea was to build a place for global team members and to create a meeting point for all who are dedicated to phytogenics. This includes customers, partners, industry experts and phytogenic advocates.  

Delacon’s customers include manufacturers of premixtures, mineral feeds, and compound feeds worldwide. In addition, large agricultural businesses and integrators use Delacon’s phytogenic feed additives for their livestock feeds. Delacon exports to more than 80 countries; to Europe and the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, North America, and Latin America. 

Delacon and Cargill 

Delacon and Cargill have agreed to a strategic partnership in 2017 with minority equity investment. This partnership connects Delacon’s know-how and market experience in phytogenics with Cargill’s deep expertise in applied nutrition and global presence. It aims at advancing the market presence of natural, plant-based feed additives, and meeting changing consumer preferences of what animals are fed and how food is produced.